The Women of Luke 8 Day 10

Today we are going to take a moment and look at Mary Magdalene who is mentioned as one of the specific women traveling with Jesus.

Although, I suspect many of us can agree that Tom Hanks is an adorable and talented actor, The Da Vinci Code is not the best place to go for completely accurate information on Mary Magdalene.

Many believe Mary Magdalene was a prostitute. However, there is nothing in Scripture that states this fact about her. It is believed that this legend actually started during the time of Pope Gregory in the 7th century. He ordered for the account of the sinful woman in Scripture to be read for the lesson on St. Magdalene’s Day. The association became stamped on the mind of the western church from that day forward.

What does Scripture tell us then about Mary Magdalene?

She is referred to as Mary of Magdala.
Magdala most likely refers to a fishing village on the Galilean Lake. It was a thriving rural community.
It is also worth noting that “Magdala” is also a term used for a distinguished lady much different than the image of prostitute many have in their heads for Mary Magdalene.

Scripture teaches us that Mary Magdalene was with Jesus throughout His ministry. Today, take a moment to explore her presence in the Scriptures listed below.

Mary Magdalene
Luke 8:1-3 Traveling and aiding Jesus in His ministry
John 19:25 The crucifixion (see also Mark 15:40 & Matthew 27:55-56)
Matthew 27:60-61 The burial of Jesus (see also Mark 15:46-47)
John 20:1 and Mark 16:9 The empty tomb (see also Matthew 28:1, Mark 16:1)
Luke 24:9-10, John 20:18 Sharing news of the empty tomb

Tomorrow we will continue our conversation about Mary Magdalene.

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  1. I’ve often wondered if this Mary was Martha’s sister with the pouring of the parfume scripture similarities among the gospels.

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