The Women of Luke 8 Day 14

Snippet Study

During this study, you will be asked to reflect on a small snippet of our main Scripture.


Luke 8:1 begins with the word “afterwards.”  Depending on the translation you are using, it may also read “after this.”

This phrase is a transitional phrase in Scripture.  In Luke 8, it is used to mark a new phase of Jesus’ ministry.  This is an active phase where Christ embarks on a teaching ministry making rapid visits to various places.

Take some time today to sit with Jesus and pray about what new phase in your spiritual journey He is calling you to begin.
Is it serving in or starting a particular ministry?

Is it expanding your prayer life?
Is it digging further into Scripture?

Is it mentoring someone on their faith walk?
Is it letting go of a behavior that pulls you away from Christ?
Whether its a tip toe, a leap, a stomp, or an apprehensive stride, don’t be afraid to take the first step.

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