The Women of Luke 8 Day 23

“The twelve were to be Christ’s witnesses in the world after He Himself had left it; it was to be their peculiar duty to give to the world a faithful record of their Master’s words and deeds, a just image of His character, a true reflection of His spirit.”

The Speaker’s Bible edited by James Hastings D.D.

The disciples played a vital role of sharing Christ with others in the world.  As a part of this job, they were to be a reflection of Christ in every aspect of life outwardly and inwardly. To do this, they truly had to study Christ.  They had to be near Jesus as much as possible.  The apostles were eyewitnesses and servants from the very beginning of their journey with Christ.  They could see Jesus at work and hear Him in prayer.

As followers of Christ, we must truly be a reflection of Christ in the world we find ourselves in today.  However, to do this, we too must be eyewitnesses and servants.

The first step in reflecting Christ is learning as much about Christ as possible.  Thankfully, you can be an eyewitness to it all just by opening up God’s Word.  Let your eyes witness the words on the pages.  Read them, study them, memorize them, and live them out.  As a servant of the Lord, you will take what you have witnessed in the Word and put it into practice shining the luminous light of Christ into the lives of those around you.
So today, be an eyewitness.  Be a servant.  Be a reflection of Christ!  

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