The Women of Luke 8 Day 26

When Jesus was on the road, He faced opposition with religious leaders no less.  Pharisees and others were waiting to catch Jesus and call Him out on His words and deeds.  Many individuals claim church is a place filled with hypocritical individuals who are judgmental.  Sometimes, we find ourselves being judgmental, calling others out on their own words and deeds.  When and/or where do you find yourself being judgmental?  Is there a time where you have found yourself being judged? Spend some time in prayer today asking God to help you not to judge others.

3 thoughts on “The Women of Luke 8 Day 26

  1. This is always a tough one. It takes great effort not to judge others. We are so easily hurt, though. I do feel that sometimes when non-believers know you are a Christian, they look for things to trip you up – just like Jesus experienced. I always think that is an opportunity to tell others that Christians are not perfect and that being in a relationship with Jesus is all about trying to improve myself and be a better Christian.

  2. I have been guilty of judging and regret each failure (judgemental moment). I think this comes out when I am feeling low about my own self-worth. I work each day to be full of grace for others and myself.

    I am thankful we know a God that loves us in spite of our sins. I am thankful for those who encourage and inspire me by their faith journey.

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