The Women of Luke 8 Day 27

We can have a negative connotation of the word cycle.  It is often used next to the word vicious in the phrase vicious cycle. When we refer to a vicious cycle we are often discussing something that is negative. However, today I want to flip this around a little bit for you.  

The dictionary lists one definition of vicious in the following way.

Vicious: Having the nature or quality of vice (moral depravity or corruption, a moral fault or failing, a habitual and usually trivial defect or shortcoming) or immorality.

Using this definition, let’s look at a vicious cycle.

First, some vicious women hear and are affected by the gospel.
Second, these vicious women share the gospel with other vicious women. 
Third, then the other vicious women share the gospel with some more vicious women.

This is a vicious cycle I can get behind!

None of us are perfect.  We all have “habitual and usually trivial defects and shortcomings.”  However, let us strive to hear the gospel, let our lives be transformed by it, and share it with others encouraging them to do the same.

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