The Women of Luke 8 Day 28

Snippet Study

During this study, you will be asked to reflect on a small snippet of our main Scripture.

“The good news”

Jesus went on through cities and villages proclaiming the good news.  Christ exclaimed the news of hope, and redemption.  We are living in a world right now where we hear bad news everywhere we turn.  I challenge you today to be a spreader of good news!

What good news can you share with those around you today?

2 thoughts on “The Women of Luke 8 Day 28

  1. I have some bad news that turned into good.
    I went to school in the seventies during bussing. I met a skinny girl on the bus from Church Hill that spoke to me, a white child from Southside.
    We hit it off immediately and were best buds in school our birthdays were 1 day apart.
    We lost contact with one another and I’ve been trying to find her with no luck.
    My daughter said I know someone with the same last name.
    We contacted Tracy’s daughter who explained her mother passed in 1998. I am sad about this, lost memories we could’ve had.
    Good news her daughter is in my life now sending me pictures and sharing her memories.
    Thanking GOD today that I finally found closure.

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