The Women of Luke 8 Day 29

If you are around me for any length of time, you will find out rather quickly that I do not enjoy waking up early.  I have a longstanding rule that you never call me before noon on a Saturday unless it is an emergency.  One of my favorite gifts from God is a daughter who sleeps in just like I do.  When my daughter started school, I exclaimed often how the early morning school start time was ruining life as I knew it!  

I do not like getting up early.  Yet every year on my birthday I do so by choice.  Why?  Because there is just something so magical about a sunrise.  On my birthday I take a walk as the sun is waking up every year.  In the beginning, I like to think and pray about the year I am leaving behind.  Once the sun has risen, and the clock turns to 6:32 a.m. the time of my birth, I begin to focus on and pray for the year ahead.

The dawning of something new is oh so magnificent. Each morning when I am in the kitchen with my husband, I encourage him to pause and look out the window at the new day with me for just a minute.  I call our kitchen window the Window of Possibility.  As we look out each day I always say, “Who knows what amazing possibilities God has in store for us today!”

Each of the women in Luke 8 experienced healing from Jesus.  No doubt as each woman was freed from her ailments she felt as if she was leaving the darkness behind and venturing into a dawning of new possibilities.  As we prepare to conclude our study tomorrow I want you to take a look back within your own story.  What has Christ healed you from?  What has Christ freed you from?  

An illness
A sin
Bad relationship

Toxic work environment


As you feel the warm glow of the bright shades of your freedom, pull a deep breath in and prepare yourself for the endless possibilities ahead of you as you walk this journey with Christ.

6 thoughts on “The Women of Luke 8 Day 29

  1. What an inspiring study this was. Abbie hit the nail on the head. We just have to take the time & look right in front of us for the opportunities to bring others to Christ. Life is a mission trip.

  2. Looking forward to what the will of GOD has in store for me every day.
    Thank you ABBIE for the opportunity to read for the children tonight.

  3. Thanks for this reflection, Abbie. I needed the reminder that God has wonderful possibilities in store for us each and every day!

  4. In a time that often feels like Groundhog Day, I am going to change my thoughts to wonder what opportunities God has for me each day.

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