The Women of Luke 8 Day 3

In looking at the title of the Bible Study, you can confidently be aware of two things. First, this Bible Study is about women. Second, it is based on Scripture in the Gospel of Luke. You are already so wise!

Luke is my favorite of the four gospels. Approximately 35% of the information we get from the Gospel of Luke is mentioned only in the Gospel of Luke.

Luke writes this in Luke 1:3-4.

“I too decided, after investigating everything carefully from the very first, to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus, so that you may know the truth concerning the things about which you have been instructed.”

Luke, whose profession was a medical doctor, paid great attention to accuracy and details as he set out to create an orderly account of the life of Christ. Luke was the only Gentile to author a book in the New Testament. He was a close friend of Paul. Luke stresses relationships in his account of the life of Christ. I think Luke would have made an exceptional wedding planner since he paid such attention to detail and displays undertones of joy throughout his account.

Luke tells us what we know of prominent women in the church.  It is in the gospel of Luke where we learn the most about Mary, mother of Jesus.  It is through Luke’s writings in the book of Acts that we learn about the teaching of Priscilla (Acts 18) and the four daughters of Phillip who prophesied (Acts 21:8-9).  It is in Luke 8 where we learn about the women who traveled with and aided in the ministry of Christ.

Share in the comments your favorite woman in the Bible, and in honor of Luke, lover of details, share with us the detail of why this biblical woman is your favorite.

14 thoughts on “The Women of Luke 8 Day 3

  1. I have to agree with Shannon on choosing Mary. She was so such a young girl when she first experienced birth and it wasn’t an ordinary one at that! To see that sweet face for the first time in her arms and to know his purpose was a wonderful gift.

  2. I don’t know if I can chose just one. Imagine if there was an entire book of Mary!?!? I think of the Esther and Deborah. Sometimes I have a hard time determining if I am more Mary or more Martha. I just don’t think I can chose one.

  3. I would have to say Mary also. As a mother too, I can’t even imagine the anguish, heartache, and suffering she must have experienced as she watched what was being done to her first child. She was so young, and yet loved, trusted and had faith in God enough to know her son was special and would be treasured throughout history.

  4. I think Ruth. I love her relationship with her daughter-in-law. They really look out for one another and I want Sydney and I to have that (minus the being widows part…)

  5. I’ve always identified with Martha ( my first name,btw) because of
    her bent to getting the job done.
    But then there was Hannah, whose prayer I prayed for ten years prior to giving birth to my first born , Samuel.
    However, after learning of my youngest child’s,
    Stefan’s death just yesterday, I identify with Jesus’s mother, Mary , in the anguish she felt in her first born’s death.

  6. Mary would be on the top of my list too. But in the end, can you imagine her joy of knowing her son was sent to save the world & lives?

    • Jane, I, too, lost a son. He was just about 2 years old. My thought for you is to know medically, it is NORMAL to not be able to “get over this.” In time, you will learn to LIVE with it through God’s Grace, and move on. You will carry your son in your heart the rest of your life , you may think of him every day, a smell, song, picture may bring him to mind, but that’s OK and normal. I still tear up occasionally, and that is OK!
      I learned these lessons from research and very several reliable physicians over a course of 15 years, and once I believed that life WILL go on, I WASN’T abnormal, I WOULD learn to be happy again, then I began to feel much better. My prayer for you and your family is that you will grieve for awhile ( and there is no time limit ) and that with God’s love and grace, you will be healed from your pain, heartbreak, frustration, disillusionment and piercing hurt. We both belong now to a group no one else wants to be in, but if I can help you on this journey in any way, let me know.🙏💕

  7. For some reason I’ve always been fascinated with Deborah and loved teaching about her to the kids. I also have been interested in the concept of Titus 2 women and the role of older women of faith teaching the younger.

  8. It’s hard. I think about Abraham’s wife Sarah who laughed when she heard God’s plan for her. I also like Mrs. Noah. We don’t know her name, but she definitely did a lot of work following her husband’s call, which likely included helping to take care of all the animals.

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